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For a brand to be effective, a consistent and uniform presence in the marketplace is needed. A set Brand Guidelines defines everything about the brand and acts as a resource whenever talking about the brand. It also acts as a decision-making tool in that you can use the brand book as a litmus test for any action. If the action falls within the brand guidelines, then it is considered consistent with the brand.

A set of Brand Guidelines will also help establish the efficacy of the client’s brand as studies show that brand adherence increases trust people have in that brand. And once they trust the brand, they respond to it more favorably.

Loud Canvas Media (“LCM”) uses a 3-step process to help define a client’s brand:

  1. Phase 1 – Discovery & Analysis

    Depending on the size of the organization, Phase 1 can range between 4-16+ hours, which is a combination of research, brand review, meeting time, and creation of the branding brief.
  2. Loud Canvas will work with the client team to clearly delineate the client’s brand. If budget allows, Loud Canvas can also engage a market research firm to gather detailed information from the target demographic (optional). Research is a good way to establish what the target currently thinks about the brand so that we can measure any movement in brand affiliation.

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning Process
    • Evaluation of existing client materials to develop a sense of where the brand stand today
    • Review any client materials concerning their industry/market
    • Review what the client considers competitors
    • Desktop research (reviewing materials found online)
    • Meet with the client
    • Discuss USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • Target audience review
    • Demographics
    • Customer needs evaluation
  • LCM team included: Project Manager, Brand Strategist, Account Manager (optional)
  • OPTIONAL: Market Research
  • Engage with partner company to develop and execute formal market research. This may include both qualitative and quantitative research on the target market and target consumer. This would include simple online surveys and analysis. A full, in-person research program including in-person interviews and video/audio recordings is more involved and will involve additional fees/costs.

    DELIVERABLE (Phase 1): Brand brief which includes (but is not limited to): target market, target demographics, needs, unique brand features, supporting arguments, brand promise.

  1. Phase 2 – Recommendation

    Develop the positioning, review recommendation(s) with the client, and make edits based on any meetings.
  2. Utilizing the information gleaned from the primary and secondary research, Loud Canvas will create the brand recommendation for the client. This process provides the brand framework necessary to develop the unique attributes of the brand to differentiate it and make it stand out in the marketplace.

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning - Phase 2 Deliverables
  • Using materials gathered in phase 1. LCM will clearly define the:

    • Brand Position
    • Brand Values
    • Brand Behavior
    • Brand Tone & Manner
    • Brand Vision
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Goals
    • The 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

    DELIVERABLE (Phase 2): Brand Strategy & Positioning document that clearly defines the position of the brand in the marketplace.

  1. Phase 3 – Implementation (Pricing Dependent on Budget / Target Goals)

  2. This phase is where we bring together all the information we have created and help develop the visual identity (i.e. logo and brand colors, etc). We brand all marketing materials and develop a brand “bible” for the organization.

    Loud Canvas will utilize the brand framework to create the corporate identity. Brand identity guidelines will be created for marketing communications standards of the brand’s essence. This visual language will be defined across multiple platforms. These guidelines will be utilized by all of your brand ambassadors, including executives, employees and external partners.

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning - Phase 3 Deliverables:
    • Brand identity, standards and guidelines packaged into one, comprehensive manual
    • Brand pillar (including color palette, typography, imagery)
    • Application to relevant business materials (including business cards, letterhead, #10 envelopes, PowerPoint/Keynote templates, etc.)
    • Visual and verbal language recommendations (i.e. boiler plates, etc.)
  • DELIVERABLE (Phase 3): Brand Guidelines that documents all aspects of the brand from a    visual and content perspective.

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